Life Lessons Learned Today

- Little miracles happen everyday. Big ones happen sometimes too. At exactly the right times. We just need to learn to recognize them.

- Sometimes you are appreciated for the hard work you do. Other times you are not. You should work hard anyway because it always does some good either for you, for others, or both.

- Life is too short to be sad or angry or jealous. But sometimes those things get the best of us. Thank goodness for people who are patient, who listen, who help. It's nice to be that person for someone else, especially when you've be helped or listened to lately.

- It's fun to be bold in your creativity. It is fulfilling to see a creative project fulfilled.

- Celebratory ice cream, hamburgers, brownies, etc are also fulfilling.

- Perseverance is the key to success. Even if you have to choose a different, unexpected path, you must endure well in order to achieve.

- There is much to be done after finals, including much more blogging. I have an exciting summer ahead of me!

(pretty spring blossoms from Mesa, AZ)

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