Choreo Graphy

I thought I would share with you my latest choreographic endeavor. This piece was for the Theatre Ballet Student Choreographic Projects we do at the end of the year. It's a great opportunity to have your own little workshop with talented dancers to experiment and grow as a choreographer.

I explain the concept of the piece in the intro, but basically it is about the dancers finding their individuality in dance and figuring out the way they love to move. They start as a machine, very rigid and mechanical. Then there are glitches, and pretty soon they explode into their own individual styles (all improv on their part).

Props to the dancers, most of which have only done ballet their whole lives. It was very different for them to move like that, but they grew a lot and I was proud of them (especially for the limited rehearsal time we had).

Enjoy "System Error" and feel free to leave suggestions or comments
(whether you're a dancer or not! Non-dancers have to be able to enjoy it too, you know)!

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