Of course, when I was itching to do a post, Blogger decided to have a freak-out.
But once again, all is well in the land of blogging, so let's get on with this post, shall we?

Peter and I have been busy sprucing up the new house we're going to live in once we're married. Actually, he lives there now, so technically I'll be moving in. In the meantime, we're having fun making it OUR HOME.

When we moved in, we were greeted with this lovely sight:

The minute we saw it, we knew the glowing green headache HAD TO GO. Hence, Operation Key Lime Pie was born and quickly became the #1 priority on the to-do list.

There was an extension of the operation--a "secondary mission," if you will, that involved de-grossifying the kitchen as well...

Observe the ugly yellow counter tops clashing with the boring, dull tan walls. ewww...

And so we were off! We taped and primed, painted and repainted like fiends. (We had some helpers too! Shout out to the painting posse!) After painting, we moved stuff around. We hung paintings and pictures, built bookshelves and hooked our electronics up. We really made it ours and are quite pleased with ourselves and the outcome. The transformation is complete!!!

(sorry for the blurry pics... I was in a hurry)
(we hooked our computer up to our TV!)

(even the gross yellow counter tops aren't as gross anymore)

(we love our white board. we glued a sheet of magnetic metal to the back of it so we can hang stuff up! look at us go)

It feels good to have a place of our own. I can't wait until I can actually start living in it! Thanks to everyone who helped out. Come over and we'll make you dinner anytime!


  1. I LOVE that blue in your kitchen. Good choice ;)

  2. LOVE IT. I'll come for dinner...

  3. when i first saw this post, i thought you were saying you had just painted the walls a lime color... i couldn't help but think "what the? what was she thinking...???"

    then i read the post.


  4. When you told me that the walls were key lime green, I still had not idea of the hue! My eyes are still recovering. What a transformation!

  5. Looks great! That is so fun to be able to paint and make it truly yours, sometimes you can't when you're a renter. We are moving in August to a townhome and I am SO excited to pick out paint colors! I've never really gotten to decorate before so I can't wait.