Momma Knows Best

Just a bit of the lifetime of knowledge, skills, and love my Mom has given me...
(Instilled within me a love for traveling--This is Venice)

(Supports me in all my ambitions and activities, even when they aren't convenient--This is a last minute trip to NYC so I could audition and dance)

(Put away her ambitions and goals to raise two daughters--Thanks for putting up with us, Mom. It has been no small task...)

(Passed on the wisdom--and style--from generations before. Love you Grams.)

I love my Momma. Thanks for everything.

**side note shout-out to my future mom-in-law, Karen. You've always made me feel included and loved. I can't wait to "officially" join your family. Love you.

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  1. I concur... your mom is awesome. I miss working with her.