Technology, You Cruel Temptress

Between a severe Pinterest addiction, a new-found love for Twitter (@HilaryWolfley, in case you feel so inclined to follow me...), a fascination with Instagram, blog-stalking, and the usual email/facebook procrastination duo, I have been rather torn between mediums of social media communication.

How can I record my life when there are so many things to choose from?  Is it better to write clever or meaningful blog posts every once in awhile or should I stick with the daily 140 characters that describes a current event or emotion in my day?  Or maybe both?  What about candid pictures I take on Instagram that record something lovely or comical that might otherwise be forgotten?  And then my posterity can have the task of sorting through the odd bits of random data that is the life of Hilary and piece it together to get a life sketch?  OR maybe by then the internet will have been destroyed forever and it will all be for nothing?

... maybe I should go back to journaling the good old fashioned way.  


How Long Shall Ye Kick Against the Pricks?

After years of literary snobbery and mass media/cultural denial, I began reading the Harry Potter series. Although I missed the bandwagon by a few years, my faithful wife has turned the wagon around and has plucked me out of a self-induced wasteland. 

There are those who feel I have sold out. My esteemed friend/cousin Lane Wood is utterly disgusted with my recent conversion. In my defense, slabs of stone can only withstand the torrent of rushing waters so long. 

The best part of joining Pottermania is getting to participate in all of the references and jokes which continue to swarm the Internet. Now that we've almost finished the 5th book, I understand and appreciate hilarious jokes such as these:

I'd like to thank Hilary for making all of this possible. Reading these books has been a real treat.