The Other Side

Alright boys and girls, we are back in business after a few wedding-filled weeks! We have officially crossed over to the other side. The MARRIED side.

There will be more wedding posts to come, once we get our fabulous pictures back from the fabulous Lizzy Bean of Elizabeth Helen Photography. (seriously, she is awesome. check out her stuff here.)

Suffice it to say that we are completely overwhelmed with the love, support, and generosity continuously given throughout the entire process. What amazing people we have in our lives.


One Classy Guy: Clyde Ezra Wolfley

One of the finest men of the last century has slipped into immortality and legend. Clyde Ezra Wolfley's life was properly and enthusiastically celebrated this last Saturday as our family and friends laid his tired, old body to rest in Etna, Wyoming. The spirit of this people-loving man of the land was felt with all the force of his unconquerable will and irresistible charm and charisma as hundreds of touched individuals and family members poured into the local chapel to pay their respects to this man of all seasons.

This was a treasured opportunity to get to know him better because a stroke, ten years previous, had robbed us of the chance to hear his tales and experiences in his own words. Excerpts from his journal were read and stories from those who knew him best were shared. During this service I was reminded of the importance of family, the pay-off of hard work, and the joy which comes from putting people foremost in our lives. He always said that you could tell a lot about a man by the number of people who showed up to his funeral.

In a way, I took his passing as a challenge of sorts. Who is going to rise up and be the next Clyde Ezra? Who is going to have a warm greeting and a sincere welcome for all who may pass through our door? Who is going to have the courage to stand up for a righteous cause? Who is going to be a hard-working leader? I would like to think that there is a little bit of Clyde Ezra in all of us.

As my wedding to Hilary approaches and in light of the legacy which my grandfather has left me, I have found the needed inspiration to follow in his footsteps of hard work, generosity and leadership. I look forward to the day when I can stand face to face with this legend of a man and
here him say, in tones unslurred, "Very good George. Very good."