Social Media What?

Cinderella is coming up SOON. Seeing as I'm on the Public Relation Committee for Theatre Ballet, I am especially involved in spreading the word. One of our duties was to attend a class called "Social Networking Media 101." What we didn't know was that it turned out to be a room full of adults who were trying to figure out how to use Facebook.

2 Hourrrrrrrs.

While they debated and struggled on what the difference was between a wall, the news feed, and what it means to "Like" something, I set up a Twitter account for Theatre Ballet on my iTouch (in 5 minutes).



Today I got 8 full hours of sleep.
Today I received lovely news from my favorite lovely person regarding a lovely event happening in June.
Today I went to a ballet class that inspired me all over again. I felt so exhausted and so alive, all at the same time.
Today, because of that ballet class, I knew I had to go back to San Francisco.
Today, I didn't have to go to the job I despise. Instead I hung out at home with my mom, being productive.
Today I finished a paper on Hamlet with an hour to spare.
Today I got to stare at roses and falling snow all day.
Today has been a good day.

(view of SF from Alameda, the place I stayed when I danced there summer of '09)



Ideas for choreography come at me in strange ways... Sometimes I toy with a song or idea for months (or years) before I actually get a solid, formed concept. Many of those are still pending...

Sometimes I get slapped upside the face with an idea out of the blue. And in the weirdest places too. One day at church, I scribbled ideas all over the program. I wrote like a maniac because they just kept coming. And when inspiration hits you, you have to record it before it's gone.

Student Choreographic Project Proposals are coming up for my ballet company. This means I need to narrow down my options....

...but it's really hard.

Here's the piece I contributed last year: "Intake"
Music: "Gobbldigook" by Sigur Ros
I was pleased with it but I'm excited to try something new and apply the things I've learned since I set this piece.


The Proposal

This is how it went down:

Friday, January 14, 2011, we went to Costa Vida (the first place we ate together) and then to Velour for a rockin Imagine Dragons concert. Said concert lasted 4 hours (SO worth it) and ended around midnight. (Pete was texting my sister and aunt the whole time because they were in on THE PLAN.)

We had planned to do things after the concert, not knowing it would last for so long. Pete still wanted to hang out so he followed me home in his car (20 min drive--I thought he was crazy). On the ride home, my aunt called me "just to chat." It was definitely 12:15am, but I was driving home with nothing better to do, so we chatted it up for about 20 minutes.

Peter was nowhere to be found, long after I got home. While I was on the phone with
my aunt, he called me and said, "I know you're tired, so just come outside and say goodnight." (He IS crazy, I thought)

When I opened my front door, there was a candle, a rose, and a note explaining that this was his little way of celebrating our one year anniversary. So I followed a trail of candles, roses, and notes about our history together.

This little trail led me over to a sentimental bridge I've grown up crossing since I was a little girl. As I started walking toward the bridge, Pete flipped a switch and the whole bridge lit up. He was standing there in his suit, holding a rose. There was a little table there with Martinelli's and crystal glasses. When I got to him, he handed me the rose, pulled the ring out, and got on his knee....

Needless to say, I said yes! Even though we had picked out the ring earlier, he had me believing it was still being fixed in California and wouldn't be here for another few weeks. I was totally surprised.

I loved the whole thing. It was romantic, classy, beautiful. simply perfect.

Thanks to all who helped out (and schemed behind my back...haha), and thanks to everyone for their love and support! We couldn't be happier!


The Story

I have some news. BIG news....

I am ENGAGED to be married to my perfect match. I really don't know how I got so lucky. (Well, actually I do. We give full credit to Sandra Dutson) Peter is my person: my match when I need to be matched, my complement where I am lacking. And I think I'm the same for him. I am grateful every day that he is in my life. I sure do love him.

The Story:
Nov-- Freshman Hilary is randomly assigned to stay at the Wolfley residence during BYU ballet tour to CO. Realization that their son and her grandparents were at the time serving in the same mission in Armenia.
June (ish)-- Post-Freshman Hilary receives phone call from missionary grandma who says there's a new AP named Elder Wolfley. Wolfley is her favorite and thinks the two would get along nicely...
Aug-- Returned Missionary Peter calls Sophomore Hilary. They have a splendidly long talk.
Aug-Dec--Lots of long chats, clever emails, and all-day texting between the two parties.
Jan 2010-- Peter and Hilary officially start dating
Jan 2011-- Peter and Hilary are officially engaged to be married JUNE 10!
(details of THAT event in the next post. stay tuned...)


Past My Bedtime

My father and I ask ourselves the same question quite frequently: "Is what we're staying up for really worth it?"

The answer, almost always, is no.


A Fascinating Phenomenon

Isn't it funny how as soon as other people see potential in you (and let you know about it) then you start to believe in yourself? You start to feel like you have potential too? This happens to me in dance a whole lot. As soon as I feel like someone believes in me, I get the boost I need to fuel the fire of self-confidence and continue, renewed, toward my goals.

*of course I believe in myself to some degree. I would have quit long ago had I not felt the burning desire to succeed. side-note ended.*

I just think it's an interesting phenomenon that happens in my life, but especially in dance. For example. I am not the stereotypical stick-thin, delicate ballerina. I used to feel like this would hinder me in future auditions or opportunities because I'm not the "standard body-type." That is, until a friend on my company told me that I reminded her of Sofiane Sylve (a powerful, strong professional dancer from France):

Image hotlink - 'http://i.pbase.com/o2/06/385706/1/98644379.iXq8miss._RAD3497.jpg'
photo from dance.net

*That's not to say that I dance like her. I am a far, far cry from her precision and expertise. end side-note again.*

She is powerful and strong, not a fragile bone-rack. The potential my friend saw in me gave me the confidence boost I needed.

The questions I have now are... why can't we see our own potential? Why do we refuse to see what we can become until someone else tells us? Imagine how amazing we could be if we would just get out of our own way and let ourselves flourish...


Feel Free to Fall in Love With This

Do you enjoy Ingrid Michaelson's amazing voice?
Do you appreciate REM's songwriting expertise?
Do you melt when you hear beautiful music?

Then you'll LOVE this. I sure do.
(I got to see this live when she came to SLC! She did this all with a loop pedal and her glorious voice. mmmmm....)



I Have No Business Starting This Blog.

I can't even write in my journal regularly (meaning more than once every four months...)

HOWever, I somehow talked myself into it based on these facts:
  • I spend too much time reading other people's blogs and feelings and goals instead of examining mine.
  • I want to be good at writing. Therefore, I must practice.
  • I can type faster than I can write (and I'm on the computer so much anyway).
  • I am overcoming fear...
- of not being diligent
- of not having anything interesting to say
- of being judged
  • My journal is sick of waiting for me to record my life. This is new motivation?
  • My posterity or whomever reads my journal will probably want it digitalized anyway.

Regardless of my reasons (or justifications) for taking this leap, I am taking it in an attempt to record MY thoughts, feelings, goals, impressions, etc
reaching Such Great Heights...