The Story

I have some news. BIG news....

I am ENGAGED to be married to my perfect match. I really don't know how I got so lucky. (Well, actually I do. We give full credit to Sandra Dutson) Peter is my person: my match when I need to be matched, my complement where I am lacking. And I think I'm the same for him. I am grateful every day that he is in my life. I sure do love him.

The Story:
Nov-- Freshman Hilary is randomly assigned to stay at the Wolfley residence during BYU ballet tour to CO. Realization that their son and her grandparents were at the time serving in the same mission in Armenia.
June (ish)-- Post-Freshman Hilary receives phone call from missionary grandma who says there's a new AP named Elder Wolfley. Wolfley is her favorite and thinks the two would get along nicely...
Aug-- Returned Missionary Peter calls Sophomore Hilary. They have a splendidly long talk.
Aug-Dec--Lots of long chats, clever emails, and all-day texting between the two parties.
Jan 2010-- Peter and Hilary officially start dating
Jan 2011-- Peter and Hilary are officially engaged to be married JUNE 10!
(details of THAT event in the next post. stay tuned...)

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