A Fascinating Phenomenon

Isn't it funny how as soon as other people see potential in you (and let you know about it) then you start to believe in yourself? You start to feel like you have potential too? This happens to me in dance a whole lot. As soon as I feel like someone believes in me, I get the boost I need to fuel the fire of self-confidence and continue, renewed, toward my goals.

*of course I believe in myself to some degree. I would have quit long ago had I not felt the burning desire to succeed. side-note ended.*

I just think it's an interesting phenomenon that happens in my life, but especially in dance. For example. I am not the stereotypical stick-thin, delicate ballerina. I used to feel like this would hinder me in future auditions or opportunities because I'm not the "standard body-type." That is, until a friend on my company told me that I reminded her of Sofiane Sylve (a powerful, strong professional dancer from France):

Image hotlink - 'http://i.pbase.com/o2/06/385706/1/98644379.iXq8miss._RAD3497.jpg'
photo from dance.net

*That's not to say that I dance like her. I am a far, far cry from her precision and expertise. end side-note again.*

She is powerful and strong, not a fragile bone-rack. The potential my friend saw in me gave me the confidence boost I needed.

The questions I have now are... why can't we see our own potential? Why do we refuse to see what we can become until someone else tells us? Imagine how amazing we could be if we would just get out of our own way and let ourselves flourish...

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  1. We, unfortunately, are our worst critics... I always need a reminder of how much I actually am progressing to really see it. Your comment this weekend definitely gave me a new found energy.:)
    You are such beautiful dancer and performer Hilary! Personally, I think the freakish stick thin dancers are kind of painful to watch... like they're going to snap in half at any time - I rather fear for them.
    When I watch you dance, Hil, I always remember a quote from a book I read long ago: "[They] float as if gravity and the laws of physics don't exist, but you, you defy it. You are like an arrow, strong and sure, in the air. Gravity and physics are there, but you are above them and the master."
    Keep up the great work dearest 'cuz! We'll always be there in the audience for ya (without Lane's tomatoes)! ;)