Ideas for choreography come at me in strange ways... Sometimes I toy with a song or idea for months (or years) before I actually get a solid, formed concept. Many of those are still pending...

Sometimes I get slapped upside the face with an idea out of the blue. And in the weirdest places too. One day at church, I scribbled ideas all over the program. I wrote like a maniac because they just kept coming. And when inspiration hits you, you have to record it before it's gone.

Student Choreographic Project Proposals are coming up for my ballet company. This means I need to narrow down my options....

...but it's really hard.

Here's the piece I contributed last year: "Intake"
Music: "Gobbldigook" by Sigur Ros
I was pleased with it but I'm excited to try something new and apply the things I've learned since I set this piece.

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