I Have No Business Starting This Blog.

I can't even write in my journal regularly (meaning more than once every four months...)

HOWever, I somehow talked myself into it based on these facts:
  • I spend too much time reading other people's blogs and feelings and goals instead of examining mine.
  • I want to be good at writing. Therefore, I must practice.
  • I can type faster than I can write (and I'm on the computer so much anyway).
  • I am overcoming fear...
- of not being diligent
- of not having anything interesting to say
- of being judged
  • My journal is sick of waiting for me to record my life. This is new motivation?
  • My posterity or whomever reads my journal will probably want it digitalized anyway.

Regardless of my reasons (or justifications) for taking this leap, I am taking it in an attempt to record MY thoughts, feelings, goals, impressions, etc
reaching Such Great Heights...