Nasty Disease

In light of Cinderella rehearsals lasting 14 hours this weekend, these thoughts have been on my mind...

I think all of us are guilty of getting caught in the downward spiral that is negativity. We get down on ourselves or our situations or others. Usually, the negativity that festers inside you seeps through your body language and your mouth and pretty soon other people are affected--or infected by this nasty disease.

Sometimes (at least for me) it takes all the will power you can muster to stop being so hard on yourself. Sometimes it's the hardest thing just to keep your mouth shut when that complaint comes crawling up your throat and burns your tongue (guilty as charged).

But tonight at rehearsal (at approx 9:15pm, with 45 min to go) I saw the importance of being strong enough to overcome pessimism in its varying degrees. It must be overcome for the happiness of the individual, or at least for the well-being of the group.

It's a selfishness issue really. Be selfish, worry about yourself, only be concerned with your needs, and you will breed negativity when things don't go your way (and usually they don't). Build others up, forget yourself, understand that there is more to this life than you, and you will overcome.
(one of the blessings coming from Cinderella: hanging out with kids who like to play and dance to forget about their illnesses. they were a blast.)


  1. Hey Hil, I really needed to read this today.. thanks! :-)

  2. I agree with this so much!! I also find that being the one who decides to turn the negative around and make things positive can make a huge difference. I try to constantly self assess to make sure I am being one of the lifters, instead of a downer.
    Miss you friend. Engaged friend. See you on Saturday though!!