A Face Lift For My Week

I'm giving my weekly routine a much-needed face lift. Due to many reasons I shan't bore you with (yes I just said "shan't"), I put in my notice at THAT JOB (you know, the un-fulfilling, time-consuming, soul-shriveling one).


I celebrated by going to dinner by myself. I've never done that before, and it sounds kind of strange, but it was exactly what I needed. I was nervous to break the news to my boss because I've never actually "put in my notice" before. The idea of quitting has floated around in my head for awhile now, but I didn't know if it was the right decision. I felt so light after I had done it though. So I headed over to a little family-run Chinese restaurant during my break, sat in a booth, and enjoyed my meal in the peace and quiet. I was the only customer and they were playing that calming Asian music that makes you think of blossoms and umbrellas and Tai Chi....

(in case you needed a visual of Asian cherry blossoms--from DC trip '08)

The weekly face lift includes more hours spent working at the other happy job, less gas money spent, less stress for Hilary, and a break from teaching for awhile. We'll see how that last part affects me...

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  1. Hey Hilary! I didn't know you had a blog until today, I'm excited to read it! Love you!! Megan Hardy