Have you ever watched college basketball with the sound muted and intense classical music playing instead?

It's quite entertaining.

Happy Sunday


Five Friends

A few nights ago, I got a text from my lifetime friend, Michelle, who was home from Weber on spring break. We got together with Jess last minute at Chelle's house. Chris and Sean joined us later and we had a little catch up sesh in that wonderful little blue house I grew up playing at.
We had a good time reminiscing about things that happened last year and things that happened in first grade. I love that we are all still good friends after all these years growing up together.

It relieves me, really. When I changed high schools my junior year, the hardest thing to deal with was separating from those friends I have known my whole life. I was really scared about losing them. And yet, there we sat in that same room all together, five years later, still chatting and laughing and inside-joking.

So, Chelle, Jess, Seany, and Christopher, I just wanted to thank you for your lasting friendships throughout the years. We're all taking different paths now, leading our own lives and we've all had our ups and downs with each other, but I am so grateful we are still great friends.
I love you all.

(pictures taken somewhere between 2006-2010)


Of Love & Learning on this St Patty's Day

I could apologize for being a blogging slacker because of my inconsistent-slash-boring posts, or the like...

But I won't. Because we all knew coming into this that I am a busy little soul who can't make time to record all the things that are happening and all the bajillion thoughts that pass through my head everyday. We also knew that this would be a challenge for me--an important goal to work toward, if you will. So here I am, taking the baby steps (What About Bob shout out) to make my goal happen. If you're still reading this, I thank you for being patient with me as I work to overcome this particular weakness of mine (aka recording my life and thoughts).

Here's a little something for your philosophical pallet to chew on:

Laziness and fear are the antithesis of love and progression.
Love = the act of extending oneself (courage, hard work)

We were discussing these thoughts from Scott Peck and Immanuel Kant in my Humanities class awhile back and I can't get them out of my head. The principles are so simple and so true. When I remember this I realize how selfish I am a lot of the time and I wonder how many times I have missed opportunities to reach out because I was lazy or afraid. Behold, another weakness I'm trying to overcome.

The list of my weaknesses is long, you see, but I've come to understand that this life is all about growing. We're here to progress and learn from our weaknesses and mistakes. I love that we CAN do that. It's a beautiful thing, I tell you. Have a happy St Patrick's Day :)
(painting by Constable, also studied in Humanities.
he was famous for his green landscapes.
pretty painting, eh?)


Theatre Ballet toured this year in AZ. We spent 10 days performing, doing outreaches, eating lots of food, and riding on a bus. It was especially awesome for me this year because Peter was able to come along and help out with tech stuff. Here's a little taste of tour:


(Pete lookin studly)

(We visited both the Mesa and the Snowflake temples)