Five Friends

A few nights ago, I got a text from my lifetime friend, Michelle, who was home from Weber on spring break. We got together with Jess last minute at Chelle's house. Chris and Sean joined us later and we had a little catch up sesh in that wonderful little blue house I grew up playing at.
We had a good time reminiscing about things that happened last year and things that happened in first grade. I love that we are all still good friends after all these years growing up together.

It relieves me, really. When I changed high schools my junior year, the hardest thing to deal with was separating from those friends I have known my whole life. I was really scared about losing them. And yet, there we sat in that same room all together, five years later, still chatting and laughing and inside-joking.

So, Chelle, Jess, Seany, and Christopher, I just wanted to thank you for your lasting friendships throughout the years. We're all taking different paths now, leading our own lives and we've all had our ups and downs with each other, but I am so grateful we are still great friends.
I love you all.

(pictures taken somewhere between 2006-2010)

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  1. Hil, I love you so much!!!! I love you so much, I can't even put it into words! As goes for Chelle, Chris, and Sean! You guys complete me, and I don't know what I would do without your constant friendship in my life!