I'm learning to take more risks.  It a slow process for me because I'm afraid of failure.  But how will we ever progress if we don't step outside of our comfort zone and stop listening to the negativity telling us we can't achieve?


Public Apology

At this time, I would like to clarify my previous post. Due to my overzealous nature, I may have misled our dearly beloved to believe that we wanted to move to Iowa. I humbly apologize for giving that impression. At the Law Fair it was just a surprising and unexpected option.

I am sorry for scaring you. I especially want to apologize to my Good wife. She did not deserve this insensitivity. But true to her character, she has decided to stay by my side through this public scandal.

This may have scared many of you, but I promise this gross misrepresentation will not happen again. I will choose my words much more carefully in future posts about such important topics.

Surprises at the Law Fair

As a dutiful wife, Hilary came with me to the 2011 BYU Law Fair. We talked to a lot of different schools about what they had to offer as far as financial aid, job placement, and experience. A lot of the big names were there:



But you'll never guess who left the best impression on us and seemed to have everything we were looking for.

Hilary and I never thought we'd say this, but we may want to move to Iowa.


Saturday, Mid-October

Today I...

~  made little kids cry because I was dressed like a globolink.

~  had a jamba with my man.

~  danced around in a snowflake tutu with some very cool special needs people.

~  made banana nutella muffins because I just really wanted some.  Take that, Life.  Paper, I'll write you another day.

~  am going back to scare more children tonight.

~  will go to the annual Hocus Pocus party!  We (my awesome friends and I) have had this cinematic October tradition since the good ole elementary days.  Still going strong.

These muffins are really good, let me tell you.