Little Family, Big Changes

Well, folks, we are in the midst of some big changes for the Fullmer family. My lovely parentals are going to be empty-nesters by the end of this summer.

Four big life-happenings worth noting:

1. My sister Jasmine graduated high school last week!

They grow up so fast.....

...well....kind of.....

Congrats Jazzy! I love your schniggley face.

2. My dad was a State Golden Apple Award Recipient. This award given by the state PTA basically means he has been voted by parents and students as one of the best teachers, K-12, all subjects, in Utah. Not bragging, just celebrating. He has worked so hard and sacrificed much to pursue his passion of music and teaching. I know for a fact he has impacted thousands of students throughout his career, teaching them how to be better than their best. It was satisfying to see his efforts acknowledged. We're at the awards dinner, recorded to be broadcast on KUED:
I'm proud of you, daddy.

3. A trip to Vegas! By some cosmic miracle, the planets aligned and the four of us all had the weekend pretty much free. So dad decided, quite last minute, that we were going to go on a "last hoorah" trip before the wedding. Stay tuned for details on that trip. It was mighty fine.

4. Oh, hey, by the way, Peter and I get married in 10 days. 10 DAYS. For a sneak preview of the bridal photos, look at Lizzy's website here.

That's the scoop on our little family that is going through some big changes. Hope you all had a glorious Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Hilary, I never had your dad for a teacher but from the few brief encounters I had with him in high school I could tell that he was a marvelous teacher. Tell him congratulations for me! I wish so much I could be at your reception, I'm so excited for you!
    -Maggie Tata

  2. I can tell you personally the impact your dad had on my little family!!! He basically put my boys on the pathway to successful living. One of my boys was going through some pretty horrible things when he started band with Miss Henderson and then at Timpview. Between seminary and your dad, he overcame all those problems...problems that mess up most people so deeply that they never recover. Same with the other boy but with different problems. Your dad will never know the full impact he has had on my kids. I once wrote him a letter letting him know but I don't think it was specific enough to tell him everything. He's an amazing man. You're lucky to have him as a dad. And I'm so proud of how you and Jaz have turned out. You are both amazing and beautiful young ladies. I feel privileged to have seen you 2 grow up. Congrats on every wonderful thing happening in your lives! Love you tons...
    Cindy Young Wilson