Live Performance Thrills Me And I'll Tell You Why

Whether you're watching someone perform what they love to do, or you are the actual performer, you are sucked into this new, thrilling dimension.

To be completely encompassed, totally focused and zoned-in on what you are doing--what you are creating--is a powerful feeling known only to those who have put their whole soul into creating art.

Although this can be experienced in an intimate setting (like a painter quietly bringing life to a canvas), there is something to be said about performing in front of an audience. I just witnessed a concert where amazing musicians became totally engrossed in their music-making. It was exciting to witness their passion and it was equally exciting to see and feel the audience feed off that passion.

That connection between performer/artist and audience member is one of my favorite things about dancing. Giving the viewers (or listeners) a little view inside your soul and sharing with them your passion for your art form--even for a brief moment--is exhilarating and extremely fulfilling for me.

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