Kiss That Semester Goodbye

First, I would like to comment on the previous post. For those of you very much out of the loop, Peter is the man I am going to marry. Yep, MARRY. (in 50 days to be exact....but who's counting anyway?) He will be a great contributer to this blog by giving it some life (he is an English major, you know).
Well folks. the Winter 2011 semester came and went. I will miss:
my humanities lectures,
my lovely ballet buddies,
going to the dance training room.

I will not miss:
early mornings,
busy days,
writing a truckload of papers,
homework in general,
commuting to Provo once or twice or three times a day,
the list goes on...

Although my days won't be filled with busy schoolness, it will be a new kind of busy. A fun busy.
You see, Peter and I are planning out wedding (not my most favorite thing in the world...more on that later). And after the wedding, we will get to live in our own little space where our own ideas can take shape and we can build our new lives together. We're so excited about it that we're already making plans. We have chosen the paint colors, our furniture, what the layout of the place will look like, where we will put all our stuff, etc.
(this will be our new place come June. it was a drive-by picture, so it's not the best. but we are thrilled with our little burrow. it will be fun to make it our own.)

We bought a giant white board to put on our future wall. Then we went to Home Depot and got a bunch of tools and a magnetic piece of metal to glue to the back of it. It's pretty much the most fantastic thing ever. Can't wait to use it! We already bought markers and stuff for it...

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