Facing Freaky Fears

The other day, I helped out my amazing dancer/photographer friend Jocelyn with one of her final projects for school. She is quite talented and has some really interesting concepts.

For this photo shoot, she wanted to find a abandoned building. So we headed on down to Thistle, UT, the town that was destroyed by flash-floods and mudslides....

I have grown up driving through that tiny stretch of road while going to my friend's cabin, and EVERY TIME we drove by those half-submerged houses or those graffiti-ed remains I got the creeeeeeeeeps.

So it was a big deal for me to face my fears and do that photo shoot (bare-footed or pointe-shoed). We took two rolls of film, but I've only actually seen two photos, both of which you see here.

This is a completely flattened house, still sitting on the hillside. Yes, I am positioned right in the middle. On the house. Barefoot. --->

<--- The other one is a run-down brick building, covered in graffiti and trash. Also, there was a smooshed car like right next to me. (uncomfortable squirm...)

Other dangerous activities that I probably shouldn't mention because my mother reads this blog include: climbing a wall and standing/balancing/arabesque-ing on top of it, traipsing around the building in flip-flops because Genius here didn't think through things all the way, delicately tip-toeing my way through glass, nails, and other mysterious objects to get to the desired photo spot, walking on a collapsed house (wood with slivers or nails sticking out, spiders crawling, not sure if it would hold my weight or not...). You get the idea.

Because of the adventures, Jocelyn got some really cool shots. Thanks for letting me help you out Joce! Even if it seems silly, I certainly feel braver and more adventurous because I faced my childhood creepers.

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