New Marriage: New Calling

It was only a matter of time. You can only be new and unknown for so long when you've got a wife who has a smile which is so radiant that it attracts small aircraft. We have been in our ward two weeks as a married couple and we have been drafted into the Lord's service.

We start next Sunday as team teachers for the 16-17 year old youth. I remember myself at that age and I'm sure we are going to have to put up
with some real jokers and clowns but we are looking forward to taking on the challenge. It will also be very rewarding to teach together and get to know the youth of the ward. Hilary and I were very blessed to have wonderful teachers growing up in our individual wards and we want to do the same for the youth of the Provo Peak 7th Ward.

Plus, we can be stern if we have to be.

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