Brain Spew

There is so much to say... I literally have not known where to start, so I haven't yet.

I could talk about the beauty of the city coming closer when we drive across the Bay Bridge in the morning or the stunning skyline silhouetted across the bay at sunset.

I could talk about the man who entered the BART train with a real giant snake slung over his shoulders and sat right next to Paige...

I could talk about the overwhelming hospitality of Mitch, Janet, and Sunny dog, and all of Janet's awesome freebies. Along with the charm of Alameda, of course.

I could talk about the Conservatory, the incredible teachers, funny classmates, and odd class exercises we do. Or the giant epiphany I had the other day and how I've come to a new threshold. Or how much a sweat in a 9 hour dance day. mmm.

I could talk about how much I miss my man, what an amazing support he is, and how I couldn't even come close to pursuing my goals without him.

Maybe I could talk about all of these things. Maybe I will. Maybe I should sleep first...

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