It is not Good that Man Should Be Alone

Hilary has only been gone FIVE days but I'm already starting to realize that the Good Book was right on when it said:

(Genesis 2:18)

I really don't feel like I'm responding well to this challenge. I've been drowning my sorrows in Otter Pops and Saturday morning X-Men cartoons.

There is also a funky smell coming from the sink. Hilary doesn't tolerate funky smells so I can logically deduce that if she were here the sink wouldn't smell like the back streets of Armenia, I wouldn't be wasting my life watching the same cartoons which I wasted my life watching when I was 8, and people at work wouldn't treat me like a war veteran/widower.

But maybe I can play that up and get a few extra days off this month. "I'm sorry boss, I just can't focus on my work... ever since my wife left me...." *sniffle* *single tear running down the cheek* *Forlorn look out into the western horizon*

Well, if they don't buy that I'll have to pull myself together and just get by on Popsicles and cartoons until my lady returns.

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  1. Maybe you can change it up a little with He-Man cartoons :)

    Time is a monster that cannot be reasoned with. It responds like a snail at our impatience...
    --Simon Birch