Thank You, SFCD

"You must recognize the importance of practicing your potential.
If you don't think it's important to work to your fullest extent, you're already in trouble."

I come home tomorrow. I feel like I just tried to drink out of a fire hydrant for four weeks and now I have to go into the drought hoping my gulps of information/motivation will carry me through and keep boosting me toward my goals.

"There is no place for reservation. It's not logical. Return to the fearless child."

Like last time, I'm coming back a new dancer. I have new purpose in what I do. It's rather exciting, really.

"Your choices are: get lucky, work hard, or don't. Those are your choices."

I'm excited to start another year with Theatre Ballet in two weeks! It will be a time of much growth and hard work. I can't wait.

"Practice and Doing What's Comfortable are two separate things.
Don't let yourself get away with doing less."

(quotes from Summer Lee Rhatigan, director at San Francisco Conservatory of Dance... just a few tiny drops from the fire hydrant I drank from)

this is the ad for the show we had this weekend. it was awesome.

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